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Enter To WIN: DIY Starter Kit

I would like to thank everyone who entered into the Flavours To Go DIY Kit draw Congratulations to our Grand prize winner Bill Laurette who won a Flavours To Go DIY Kit (Retail Value $75, includes shipping) Second place for 6 10ml bottles of flavour concentrates...

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Flavour of the Week

Flavour of the Week We will be having a special on certain popular flavour concentrates and each week, one random flavour will be reduced in price.  Each Sunday we will discount the chosen flavour until the following Saturday. We will have this sale on 10ml, 30ml and...

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Cool Strawberry Shake – Instructional DIY Recipe

  Our Cool Strawberry Shake Starter kit ($89.99) makes over 1 litre of juice saving you over $500 versus buying 30ml bottles at your local *E* juice shop **1 litre (1000ml) is equivalent to about 33 bottles of 30ml juice, estimated at $18 per 30ml bottle, total about...

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