Our Cool Strawberry Shake Starter kit makes over 1 litre of juice
saving you over $500 versus buying 30ml bottles at your local *E* juice shop

1 litre (1000ml) is equivalent to about 33 bottles of 30ml juice, estimated at $18 per 30ml bottle, total about $600**

Up to this point, I’ve always kept my recipes a secret, I do make some recipes for friends and family and haven’t shared any, till now, I want to share with you one of my personal favourite recipes I made up a while ago;  This recipe I’m making 120ml of Cool Strawberry Shake with a ratio of 70/30 (70% Vegetable Glycerin and 30% Propylene Glycol). Vegetable Glycerin is a plant-based thick liquid that creates the vapour and Propylene Glycol is used as a base in almost all food flavourings that also enhances the flavour and is used in vaping to give a throat–hit similar to smoking. There are many Ejuice Calculators available, you will need to input all the information into the calculator, including the individual flavours by percentage, your target Nic level along with the ratio of VG/PG and the final quantity of Juice you are making. When mixing, I personally start with the flavours, pressing the tare button after each ingredient to zero out the scale, PG then VG and lastly I add the Nic (not shown in this video) but really makes no difference in the order. When mixing larger quantities, mixing by volume is prefered, but for a smaller recipe such as a 120ml, mixing by weight is the most accurate and easiest, you should have a Digital Scale that measures in increments of .01 grams.

After all your ingredients are measured out, mix thoroughly by either shaking the bottle (a lot) or use a Magnetic Mixer. You can even cut down the steep time by using a Heated Magnetic Mixer. Here I’ve talked about the Advantages of using a Heated Mixer. Now that your creation is mixed, let steep the appropriate time and enjoy.  Once you’ve created a couple of recipes and start experimenting more and more, the next thing you know, you are well on the way to becoming a true mixologist.

I really hope you enjoy creating your own recipes as much as I do, it really is super easy. Myself, personally, I smoked for 34 years and to quit that nasty habit has been a real turning point in my life, not only the cost savings but a true lifesaver.  Of course, we tend to expand and experiment and once you make your own juice, it’s about an 85% further savings from buying pre-made juice. We now offer a variety of DIY Starter Kits or a specialized Cool Strawberry Shake Starter Kit as well to get you going.

Let me know what you think of my Cool Strawberry Shake in the comments below and if you have your own favourite recipe you’d like to share, we’d all love to try them.

Cool Strawberry Shake

By Weight, Volume & Percent:

      The Flavor Apprentice

        9.96g / 9.6ml / 8%

      The Flavor Apprentice

        12.46g / 12ml / 10%

      The Flavor Apprentice

        1.91g / 1.8ml / 1.5%

      The Flavor Apprentice

        1.02g / 0.96ml / 0.8%

      Flavor West

        0.13g / 0.12ml / 0.1%

      USP Kosher Propylene Glycol – 99.7 Purity

        16.37g / 15.8ml

      USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin – 99.7 Purity

        100.52g / 79.72ml


24 hour steep, and enjoy

Total: 142.37g / 120ml

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