Flavour of the Week

We will be having a special on certain popular flavour concentrates and each week, one random flavour will be reduced in price.  Each Sunday we will discount the chosen flavour until the following Saturday. We will have this sale on 10ml, 30ml and 60ml bottle size only for the Flavour of the Week. This will allow you to have an automatic price reduction as follows:

10ml bottle – $1.00 Off

30ml bottle – $2.00 Off

60ml bottle – $3.00 Off

There are no limits set for quantities purchased, only for what is currently in stock. We will regularly keep you posted as to which flavour is our current special and have it listed below along with the date the sale will be active.

Apr 7 – Apr 13 – Flavorah – Blood Orange

Apr 14 – Apr 20 – Purilum – Passion Fruit

Apr 21 – Apr 27 – Magical Flavour – Root Beer Soda

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