1 Liter – Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Mixer

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Speed 0-1600 rpm
Max temperature 38C
Plate size 12cm x 12cm, 4.72 inch x 4.72 inch
Max stirred volume 1 liter
Variable controls for stirring and heating

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A hotplate magnetic stirrer mixer is a laboratory instrument used for mixing liquids.  It is mainly used for stirring with or without heat low viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixtures at the same time.  Its basic principle uses a strong magnet under the aluminium plate that rotates and spins the magnetic stir bar in the container for mixing liquid.

A heated mixer will reduce steeping time and is a must for the home DIY e-juice manufacturer

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 8 in

1 review for 1 Liter – Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Mixer

  1. corey.reid (verified owner)

    Finally had an opportunity to put this unit to a good test. Works well with vg but takes a while to get the vg up to temperature unless you have the heat to the max. Once you figure out exactly where you want it though and keep the juice moving I find it worked great along side the unheated one. And I could keep juice mixing non stop. It does get warmer than most of the other ones I’ve used which is nice. Only drawback is no temperature setting just the dial so make sure to mark your magic temperature. Must say I’m thinking about a second one. Ran for 5 hours solid on this testing and finished 14l of juice

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